What is the Self-Paced Horticulture Program?




  • Raymond Jefferson

    Do I miss out on anything by doing the online classes instead of being on campus?

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  • Goose


    To best replicate the on-campus experience we offer the Live Virtual Classroom programs.  While we cannot replicate hands-on learning, our instructors walk through the demonstration and labs on camera which gives you a front-seat view to all the details while still letting you ask questions. We also encourage you to follow along with your own plants and equipment. One advantage of the virtual classroom is that you can actually show the instructors your own setup and plants to get feedback on your progress, something you cannot do on campus.

    All major academic institutions in the country are switching to virtual classrooms, and we will continue to do so until the pandemic is under control. Until then, we offer the most comprehensive and interactive learning experience available in the industry. 

    Remember you always can email support@oaksterdamuniversity.com if you have any further questions.

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  • Alessandro Russano

    Hi, i'm an italian student and i would like to know if can i do lessons being on campus instead of the online classes. For me the best way to learn is by touching things with my hands, in presence, not through a screen. Best regards.

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