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    Bruce Bortle

    Hi Obas2070,

    I'd like to recommend one of our public chats which would be perfect for your question. 

    Ask Anything! Cannabis Hort with Oaksterdam U Experts
    Fridays, 4:20 p.m. PT

    Oaksterdam’s famous horticulture department will answer indoor, outdoor, and breeding questions for patients to commercial growers.

    To join us on Clubhouse, click here to get the App. We’ll meet you there!

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  • Goose

    We don't generally recommend the use of chemical fungicide. It is possible to prevent mold and fungus with proper nutrition, ventilation, and the use of natural products such as neem oil.

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  • Obas2070

    I don’t believe a bio fungicide falls into a chemical classification, in fact I know it doesn’t.

    Who’s we?

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